Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Oh my God, I love winter break. Excuse me for a minute while I let out an unnecessarily loud yawn to prove just how much I love it. Ah yeah. That’s the stuff right there.

Well good news or bad news depending on your perspective and judging by the fact that you’re here reading this, I’m going to say good news, but who knows? Anyway, I’ve decided to try and keep putting out these digital issues each week. An editorial here, a movie review there, a rant about this, that or some other form of nonsense. Basically, I’ll be abusing my position as Editor of The Quad in order to help spread my own unique brand of insanity. So, I’ll be pretty much doing the exact same stuff you’ve come to expect from me all year long. Just call me the Typhoid Mary of nonsense, baby. It’s just what I do.

So look at us, sitting here chatting like old friends again. It seems like it’s been forever since we did this, but it’s really only been a few weeks. So. how about those local sports teams?

Oh no. The conversation is lagging already! I’m not even 200 words into this and I have nothing to talk about. What’s even scarier is that I’m now over 200 words in and I haven’t said a single thing worth writing down! Oh boy. take a deep breath. relax.

Alright I’m good. I think. I’m sure if I sit here typing long enough I’ll stumble into a topic.

You know something? The older I get— and I don’t need to look any further then my hiked up socks and dislike for popular music to know that I am indeed getting older— the more I start to think that Darwin character was right. You know the guy who hung out with turtles and said we all used to be something else sort of like how “The Simpsons” used to be funny or Michael Bay used to be a bad director. For the record, he’s now an awful director.

Ok, I promise from here on out I’m going to do my best to rein in all these wandering tangents. Back to Darwin and his not so cockamamie theory. I don’t know if we all used to be chimps or dinosaurs or chinchillas, but what I do know is that things just aren’t the same as they used to be.

Yes this is going to be one of those “remember the good old days” stories, so if you’re pretty content with your current standing in life you may want to continue on your way to Yahoo! or Daily Puppy or wherever it is that your surf over to after pulling up on shore here for a spell.

Now that Christmas is fading in the rearview, it’s strange to think back to how magical the day used to be. Hey now, don’t get me wrong. I still love getting and giving— mostly getting— presents and hanging out with the family and what not, but it’s just not the same these days. So many formerly beloved family traditions have gone by the wayside, so many people aren’t around any more, so many others are in very different places then they once were.

Things change, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. People grow up and grow apart and, every once in a while, they grow back together again. The holidays aren’t like they used to be, not that they’re bad. I had a fantastic time this year, one of the best in recent memory, they’re just different now is all.

I think I’m tip-toeing in “Garden State” territory, so I’ll just dive right in. At some point in the film, Zack Braff’s character talks about how a person’s home will eventually stop feeling like home and when that happens, you’ll have to go off and create that feeling somewhere new. It’s a good line, but in no way do I feel like cruising over to to find it exactly. My clumsy paraphrase will have to do for now.

Back to my point, I’m not saying I’m looking to move out and put together a herd of youngings or anything like that, but I guess it goes back to what I said earlier about getting older. Graduation looms on the horizon, a dark shadowy creature looking to suck the life out of me with its unemployment lines. oh wait. I mean, it’s an exciting time of change and freedom. Yes. that’s it. Exactly.

The holiday season in its present form is evolving for me and my family. For years our traditions and routines were precious, now things seem to change with each passing year. I’m sure I’ll stumble into some new traditions one of these days. I can’t wait actually. I’m not much for surprises. I like predictability.

Ok, well I lost sight of where this was going a long time ago. I’ll just say evolution isn’t such a terrible thing. Who didn’t love that movie? I sure did. And it’s all around us. During the time it took me to type this manifesto, four turtles just evolved into crime fighters and Michael Bay evolved into an even worse director.

Happy Holidays folks.

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