Thu. May 30th, 2024

This past weekend, two roommates from the South Campus apartments felt uncomfortable with another roommate letting her male colleague, who does not attend West Chester University, accompany her in her single room for more than a week. Instead of being mature and discussing this issue with their roommate, Public Safety was called to settle the situation. Actions where made before hand to contact the resident assistant, but he or she was unavailable. When one of the complaining roommates woke that morning and saw a second guest asleep on the couch, Public Safety was called and both guests left the apartment before they arrived. An available resident assistant, public safety and resident director stayed and tried to get the three roommates to come to a mutual agreement, suggesting that the next time guests will be spending the night to give a heads up and leave a note on the door or counter.

I think to have a comfortable living situation while living on campus, students should be more mature and express if something or someone is bothering them. It is not healthy for the mind, nor the body to keep personal issues bottled up inside, especially in your own personal living area.

Every student has the right to express to their roommates their likes and dislikes. We all pay a hefty tuition to attend West Chester University, thus we all have the right.

Karina Mallory is a student at West Chester University.

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