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Attention musicians, poets and comedians: Java Jam is making its return to WCU this Friday, Nov. 20 beginning at 8 p.m. in Sykes ballrooms. Java Jam is a big open mic, coffeehouse type event that showcases WCU students’ talents, but also includes a non-student artist or musician to headline the event.

This past April, Java Jam was awarded Best Student Club Collaboration at the 12th Annual Student Leadership Awards.

The goal of Java Jam is to bring together diverse groups of students to enjoy music, food and good conversation. The program was in a coffee house / open mic setting in which any student was able to perform a talent or act of their choice. Diversity of the genre of acts was strongly encouraged. Because of this, students performed stand-up comedy, spoken word, original song composition, karaoke and more.

Last year, the program was organized by Student Activities Council with help from the Black Student Union, the Latin American Student Association, the Sykes Union Advisory Board and Sykes After Dark.

Because of the success of last year’s event, more student organizations wanted to be a part of Java Jam this year. Groups collaborating to put together Java Jam this year are the Student Activities Council, Sykes Union Advisory Board, Sykes After Dark, Black Student Union, English Club, Kappa Alpha Psi and Poesis.

Each of the organizations involved have had equal control over the event.

Meetings have been held once a week, with each organization having one representative member allowing them to work collectively to plan the event. Additionally, each group is contributing to the event monetarily, as well as providing staff for the evening.

YouTube celebrity Nick Pitera will be headlining this year’s Java Jam. The name may not sound familiar, but chances are you have seen the video of him singing Aladdin’s “A Whole New World” online. Pitera is a countertenor which means he has the ability to sing like both a male and a female.

Covering all different artists from Mariah Carey to Miley Cyrus, Pitera has over 104,000 subscribers to his YouTube page and over 20 million views of his videos.

Currently, he is the number 36 most subscribed musician of all time on YouTube. To watch his videos go to

To complement the coffeehouse theme of the night, last year, Student Activities Council gave away ceramic mugs with the official Java Jam logo on them. The Java Jam committee did not want students to leave the event empty handed this year either. Instead of the ordinary coffee mug, the committee has decided to give away travel mugs. The collaborating groups are paying to bring in a vendor that will take students’ pictures and then print them on the side of a travel mug. It is expected to be an exciting and personal gift to take away from the event.

The travel mug activity will be taking place before and during the event outside of the ballrooms.

Because the event is right before Thanksgiving break, just as it was last year, the Java Jam committee has decided to bring back the big Thanksgiving meal that they provided to students at the event in 2008. The meal will include sliced turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, cookies, juice, tea and coffee.

Last year, over 500 students came out to Java Jam and the event is expected to be even bigger this year. Students interested in performing are encouraged to attend the event and show off their talents. Sign ups will be the night of the event.

Anna Moronski is a fourth-year student majoring in communication studies with a minor in Journalism. She can be reached at

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