Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

The up-and-coming band, Days Away, has recently released a demo CD which is just above and beyond mediocre.As each band member is extremely talented and the vocals go along quite nicely with the instrumental aspect of the demo, Days Away is a mixture of many different bands which have already been heard and, for the most part, “played out.” This may be irritating to some listeners who are looking for something unique, but quite enticing to others.

The boys of Days Away, Keith Goodwin (vocals/guitar), Chris Frangricetto (bass), Tim Arnold (drums), and Matt Austin (guitar), open their demo CD with a song entitled “God and Mars.” The opening of this track blends musical stylings similar to Blink-182 and the Ataris. It is an emotional pop-punk mixture, that although sounds rehashed from many other popular bands at present, like The Starting Line, it still makes for a pleasant and well harmonized song.

Vocalist Keith Goodwin has a delicate passion in his voice which is reminiscent of Scott Russo from Unwritten Law.

Though Days Away is similar to Blink-182 in their guitar styles and drum beats, they use a much slower tempo which makes them more of an emo band than pop-punk. This intersection of musical genres is impressive and Days Away represents this collaboration of styles better than bands like The All-American Rejects. The third song, “Gravity,” in contrast to the other two, seems to veer away from the pop-punk sound entirely.

This song is more of a mellow, indie-rock track with a solemn, slow mood similar to Tsar or Ozma. I recently saw Days Away perform in Lancaster at the Chameleon Club in celebration of the CD label and store C.I. Records.

Seeing them play live put a bit of a damper on my feelings of the CD. I saw them play before I had listened to their demo and the live performance was much more passionate and expressive.

Though that can be said for many bands, for a band whose sound is quite similar to others, the entertainment factor of a live performance is extremely important.

I commend Days Away for debuting a demo that holds true to the old stereotype of the recent musical adoration for emotional pop-punk but in turn, is still original even if it is only in the last song. I recommend this album to those of you who appreciate the All-American Rejects, older Blink-182, newer Unwritten Law and/or any other bands I have mentioned in relation to Days Away. I give this album three out of five stars.

They are just beginning their musical career and have the potential to become an inventive and creative band. If more songs like “Gravity” are brought into the mix, these boys could be on the path to something unique and enjoyed by music lovers not just the teeny-boppers of the present emotional pop-punk scene.

Days Away could really pull off something big, and I believe they can.
For more information on Days Away you can visit their Web site at, and as always, I encourage you to pick up the CD yourself and give it your own review.

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