Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Philips Memorial Hall was packed with West Chester students last
Wednesday night who were all eager to hear what MTV?s “Real World”-
ers Karamo (Philadelphia) and Cameran (San Diego) had to say.They kicked off the night with some important and interesting issues that affect college students today. Cameran and Karamo both agreed that tolerance of people who are different from us is extremely important.

They both said that “The Real World” was a great experience and if it was not for their experiences on the show, they would not be the people that they have become today.

Other important topics weretouched upon, such as voting.

When asked if they were voting, the WCU students came back with an overwhelming positive response. When asked who they were voting for, almost the whole auditorium echoed with cheers for Kerry and boos for Bush. Karamo said that shortly after leaving “The Real World” he was hired by the Democratic National Committee, and that expressing the importance of voting to young people has become his passion.

Cameran and Karamo also touched on important issues such as safe sex and alcohol abuse followed with the dirty gossip of “The Real World” that most were waiting for. Cameran made it perfectly clear that she was ready to dish all that she knew, no matter what the consequences.

The biggest topic of the night was her relationship with former roommate, Brad. No, they are not a couple and nothing really ever
happened between them. However, she does currently have a boyfriend.

Karamo on the other hand, despite rumors that MTV is only paying him to tell people that he is gay, ended his relationship with Dorian and is currently seeing someone new.

You can catch all new episodes of “The Real World” on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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