Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

West Chester student and The Quad Staff Writer Brian Fanelli will be published in an anthology entitled “What We Think.” The anthology, to be released this week, was created to give a voice to the 18 to 24 year-old age block.The project, started by Dean Robbins, a senior at Gonzaga University, and Rob Grabow, a recent graduate, is in response to the stereotype that college-aged adults are apathetic. Topics covered in the anthology include the war in Iraq, organized religion and its place in politics, gender equality, affirmative action, and the draft.

Out of 400 submissions received, only 99 will be included in the book. The contributors range in age, views, and backgrounds, coming from over 100 public and private high schools, colleges and universities from all over the country.

An exerpt from Fanelli?s piece, titled “A Call-Up,” follows: When Paul returned home, his father was sitting on the dark green couch in the cramped living room, sighing as Paul entered the room. Paul looked at his father, a tall, thin man who usually returned from work in a blue mechanic shirt and matching work pants, as well as heavy brown boots, all stained with spots of grease and dirt. His brown eyes peered at his son, shaking his head.

“You?ve been called up to go to Iraq,” his father stated in a low and shaken voice.

Paul?s eyes widened, and what he feared for the last months had come true. He could feel his stomach twisting and turning in knots. He would have to go to a war-torn country of chaos to fight in a war he opposed. His father rose from the couch and wrapped his arms around his son.

“I?m sorry,” Mr. Johnson whispered in his son?s ear, hugging him, closing his eyes to hold back tears from such a dreadful surprise.

The nearly 300 page anthology, “What We Think,” will be available online and in bookstores nationwide Oct. 25 for the suggested retail value of $16.95.

Two more anthologies are already in the works and submissions will be accepted in November.

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