Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

The Women’s Center’s 30th anniversary party on Friday night was filled with food, dancing, and performances. Those in attendance included staff from Chester County’s Domestic Violence Center, past directors of the Center, and many WCU faculty and staff. A short film documenting the history of the Women’s Center was made by Susan Curtis, spoken word poet Sini Anderson performed, and everyone boogied down shamelessly. The Women’s Center was established to welcome women with children. Thanks to this, the need for a children’s center was then realized. Before the children’s center was up and running, the Women’s Center served as a drop-in place for female students to take their children where staff and sorority members would babysit. Over time, the Center developed into a place where female students, faculty and staff (men are welcome, too) can go when they need a safe place to study, do homework, or talk to someone.

There is also now an extensive library of books, tapes, and other resource files that are available to anyone. The Women’s Center Club has organized Take Back the Night Rallies, “The Vagina Monologues,” and other awareness-raising activities over the years.

In celebrating the Women’s Center’s 30th anniversary, the crowd was reminded of the women and men who fought for equal rights for all, and celebrated having such a resource available on campus. The director and past directors of the Women’s Center were thanked for making the Center what it is today.

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