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Buckle down West Chester University, Banana Day is approaching fast. Mark your calendars for April 18, for a day of fun, laughs and putting all worries away for a day and just go bananas. That’s right, Banana Day is returning for the 11th annual celebration at West Chester University. For those who are unfamiliar with Banana Day, it was started in 1996 by WCU student named Rudolfo Tellez who thought it would be funny if “West Chester University had a day dedicated to bananas, t-shirts and all [different kinds of fun activities].” After being inspired by John Travolta’s “Banana Slugs” t-shirt in the movie “Pulp Fiction.” Tellez decided to see how far his idea would go and pursued the start of Banana Day with no idea it would become as popular as it has.

Banana Day provides many benefits to all at WCU. There will be a variety of activities that day for students to get involved. Banana Day gives students an opportunity to get to know one another on campus. “It unites them under the idea that a banana is good for you, a banana is bringing us together regardless of age, sex and background,” said Tellez. It is a day designed to represent unity and diversity among the students, faculty and the West Chester Community.

Thousands of bananas will be distributed to students and faculty throughout the day. Bananas promote a healthy lifestyle and the importance of eating healthy because they are a great source of potassium, vitamin A, calcium and a number of other vitamins and minerals.

In addition, be sure to be on the lookout for Nana and Nanner, the official Banana Day mascots who will be making their appearance around campus. They were added to the banana madness in 2000 to help spread the word of the festivities, bring smiles to faces and share what Banana Day is all about.

Every year a WCU student gets the opportunity to create a Banana Day t-shirt design to be submitted to the Banana Day committee. Every entry has a chance of making the next Banana Day official t-shirt for that year, in addition to winning a prize. This year’s deadline was March 5, however the years to come will present more opportunities to show your artistic capabilities and, of course, love for bananas.

In past years WCU has seen a few surprise visitors around campus that made their first Banana Day appearance. Anna Banana made a trip to WCU from Delaware and our favorite North Pole resident Old Saint Nick showed up to help celebrate! We here at WCU are not the only ones crazy about bananas. According to Tellez, “Banana Day has grown via the internet.we have even had people come in to campus to walk with the mascots just for the fun of it.”

WCU students who have experienced Banana Day have shown much excitement towards the days festivities. Even new students are excited. Freshman Andrew Becker who is anticipating his first Banana Day experience said, “Banana Day seems like it could be a lot of fun!”

In the words of West Chester University President, Madeleine Wing Adler,

“Behold the Banana!

We hear the a-peeling cries:

From Savannah to Indiana

One a day makes us healthy and wise!

Now wave your bandanas

And sound the pian-ahs,

At West Chester U.,

Let’s all go bananas!”

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