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West Chester University students came out in their Sunday’s finest on Thursday March 22 afternoon for the annual Summer Job fair It was held in Sykes Student Union from noon until 4:00 p.m. “This is to benefit the students” Phillip Tripp of the Career Center said. “They know the quality of the students here at West Chester, so they keep coming back”.

Some companies such as Arborne International, a Network Marketing Company, and Adagio, which is located right in town, were there for the first time hoping to generate interest to their companies.

The Disney College Program, one of the most popular of the fair has been attending for three years. About six to 10 college students get sent to the Walt Disney World Resorts and Theme Parks each year.

They get the opportunity to experience all different types of jobs, also open to many types of majors.

The Philadelphia Area School District was also there, having attended the last five years with opportunities for a whole spectrum of jobs.

They were offering jobs within every area of the district incorporating every major.

“It was a good experience, we’ll see how helpful it was” accounting major Josh Panto said. Ryan Devlin, finance major also attended the fair in order to

see several different companies, for a summer internship. Shannon Whitney, an education major, also attended the fair to look for opportunities for summer internships. “I was interested in a summer internship with kids to help to get prepared for my student teaching in the fall; I found a lot of good options. With education being such a competitive major I was looking for jobs to give me the edge in my field of expertise to help to add to my resume. Elementary Ed is a really hard field to get a job in, which is why I have a duel major in Special Education. I was really interested in CCRES because they are the leader in the field for helping children with autism.”

CCRES is a company that has been attending the Summer job fair for about 10 years. They are the leader in the field of helping children from all ages with autism. They employ 750 people locally, and employ recent graduates. They also employee a variety of majors including psychology, social work and education.

Noreen Sayeed, who helped coordinate the event, said, “The event has been held for about 20 years. Students should come dressed with their rsums to impress employers. The summer job fair was a success in students’ eyes and the companies in attendance; there was a good turn out and a lot of hope for employment opportunities.

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