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Five professionals came to West Chester University on Tuesday, Febr. 27 to give advice to students about various jobs in the communication field. The night consisted of the five professionals being asked a series of questions to help aid Communication students regarding what to do in order to find a job or internship in one of their careers. The professionals ranged from David Culver, the vice president of Boyd Tamney Cross Public Relations to “Justice,” the Executive Morning Producer for the “Chio in the Morning” Show on Wired 96.5 FM.

There were also three panelists that were graduates of West Chester University. Jennifer Thomas, a 2000 graduate, is now the Manager of Sales and Marketing Services for Centocor, Inc.; Brian Fanelli graduated in May 2006 and was hired by The Daily Local News last May; and Bruce Marable, a May 2006 graduate is a Search Coordinator for AARF.

The panelists first responded to questions asked by Co-Presidents, Dana Fizzano and Casey Callahan, of the Association of Women and Men in Communication and afterwards, the floor was open to ask questions.

The panelists told students that some of the perks of their job consisted of being able to meet interesting people and being able to do something different all the time. Some of their biggest challenges at their job concerned writing, trying to keep things creative and meeting deadlines.

Organization, motivation, dedication, aggressiveness, fearlessness and curiosity were among many characteristics that the panelists said were vital in pursuing a career in communication. Culver and Fanelli agreed that notable elements on a rsum include having good grades, being involved on campus and having writing samples. Thomas and “Justice” said internships were most important.

In order to pursue an internship, panelists suggested talking to professors and then staying in close contact with the internship because many times they will offer a position. Both Thomas and Culver suggested having a business background for their jobs in Public Relations and Marketing. Fanelli suggested having a minor in journalism, writing for The Quad and calling The Daily Local News and asking to be a freelance writer if interested in becoming a news writer. Every panelist agreed that passion and confidence is what stands out most during an interview.

“You must have passion because the hours can be brutal, and the pay isn’t grand,” Fanelli said, referring to his career as a journalist.

“Look for information before going to an interview to find out how they operate and how they dress so you can get a feel for how they work” said Marable. Panelists also agreed that goal setting, both short and long term, is important.

After answering all the questions and providing valuable advice, both the students and the panelists were invited back for a reception in Sykes 117B where there was food and tables set up and students could interact one on one with the panelists.

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