Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022


Dr. Lisa Ruchti, Assistant Professor in the women’s and gender studies program and the Department of Anthropology and Sociology here at WCU, earned her undergraduate degree in psychology and a minor in women’s studies at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. In addition, she studied ethnic studies. She continued her education at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. Her masters degree is in women’s studies. At the University of Pittsburg, Ruchti earned her Ph.D. in sociology with a doctoral certificate in women’s studies. 

Ruchti has been teaching for eight years, five of which have been here at WCU. She currently teaches Introduction to Women’s Studies, or Women Today, Feminist Theory, Sociology of Gender, Sex in Society and Gender, Labor and Globalization. She has also offered independent studies in feminist qualitative methods research and other topics of interest to her students. She advises Sisters United, Gender Studies Club and Sigma Lambda Gamma.  She is also the Faculty Associate for LGBTQA for 2011-2012. 

When asked what she loves most about teaching, Ruchti says, “Learning from my students and students learning from each other.” She loves when students get excited about the material as much as she does; she loves when her students challenge her and make her think about the material she is teaching in a different way. “I love making foreign ideas accessible to students,” Ruchti said. 

In addition to loving teaching in general, Ruchti has favorite aspects she loves about WCU too. She said she “loves having time to spend with my students.” She enjoys watching her students grow and develop. She loves her colleagues as well. She values the fact that WCU allows her the opportunity to do research that matters and helps communities. 

Her biggest life accomplishment is “raising my kid.” Her son Patrick is the most important person in her life. Ruchti is excited about the publication of her new book that should be available in early February. “Catheters, Slurs, and Pickup Lines, Professional Intimacy in Hospital Nursing” is a detailed ethnography exploring the professional skill of intimate care in nursing. Along with being excited about her book, Ruchti looks forward to doing more research and publishing more books. She says                                                              her biggest academic accomplishment is being given the opportunity to do research with people on behalf of other people. She enjoys doing “collaborative scholarship.” Ruchti said, “I hope to continue to do that work, to give voices to people.”

Ruchti’s academic goal is to “always do meaningful work towards social justice.” She hopes to do research on health care and vulnerable populations. She wants to give voices to those vulnerable populations because she described that in spite of their vulnerability they are strong, active and resilient. 

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