Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Last Tuesday, McCarthy Hall and the Campus Crusade for Christ’s girl’s Bible study in McCarthy Hall hosted a guys panel to talk about dating in college. Their emphasis was on what guys on campus think about dating. The organization invited the males to give an alternative view to the typical male mindset, to let females know that not all college men think the same.

The program was arranged in a series of questions and answers about the guy’s opinions and experiences. The panel consisted of a “Married guy” (John Biddle), “Engaged guy” (Jeruid Shoemaker), “Dating guy” (Alex Wagner) and “Single guys” (Travis Hawthorne and Dave Hollenbach).

The questions asked to the panel included subjects such as their ideal date, spirituality and make-up.

“I kinda like it,” Travis Hawthorne said when asked about how he felt when females flirt. Dave Hollenbach answered “It’s usually only superficial.”

“I think we all know there are ways to accentuate certain things to draw attention. There are no guys alive that can say they are immune to distraction. There are guys out there that will want to have a relationship based solely on how you look and nothing else.”

Alex Wagner was asked “What characteristics about girls turn you off?” Wagner said, “Women doubting themselves. It’s cool to ask ‘Hey how do I look?’ but not obsess over it.”

When asked about desirable qualities, Hawthorne said, “Uniqueness and confidence, and when a girl lets a guy be a gentleman.” Shoemaker said, “Always wanting to help others.”

Wagner said in response to a question about girls being in shape, “Don’t not eat. The worst thing you can do for yourself is not eat. Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t treat you right. If there is something that he is doing to make you change your eating habits, then it is not a healthy relationship.” It was later discussed how males like eating; they like to see their females enjoy eating as well.

They were also asked, “How do you expect your girlfriend to approach you with a problem?” Wagner replied, “Honesty is the best policy. Guys are slow and I don’t recommend playing games. A ‘cold shoulder’ probably won’t get the response you want.”

On sharing about past relationships, Hawthorne said, “There might be a certain point, but not right up front. If a guy loves you he should love you for who you are and who you want to be.”

Closing out the night Shoemaker said, “Your heart is the most important thing, we want you to find a guy who will treasure your heart. Don’t be afraid to have standards, have an idea of what a man is and how they should pursue you. Society is trying to kick us down, but we’re trying. If you have those standards it will encourage us to be real men.

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