Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Normally I take this time to regale you with stories about things that don’t matter to anyone outside of myself. Purell dispensers, “Terminator 2” toys, bicycle parking. You know, all that nonsense that seems to interest me in the same way “American Idol” seems to interest the rest of the country. As much fun as I’m sure that it usually is for you to read all that, this time I actually have something serious to bring up.

In our Oct. 6 issue, The Quad really dropped the ball. Our coverage of Homecoming was completly lacking. So much so that we didn’t even mention the fact that Marc Fauntleroy and Takia McClendon— who were representing the Black Student Union— were elected Homecoming King and Queen.

This oversight was huge. How can you even cover Homecoming without noting the King and Queen? Before last week I wouldn’t have even though it possible, until I realized that is exactly what we had done. That type of nonsense may just get us put in the Guinness Book of World Records, but for all the wrong reasons.

The Quad calls itself “the student newspaper of West Chester University,” but in order for that to be true, we need to cover the things that students care about. And I’m pretty sure that more then a few of you out there care about Homecoming and its surrounding festivities.

This doesn’t make up for not adequately covering what is essentially the BIGGEST event of the academic year, but it is a guarantee that we will do everything possible to not allow the stories that matter to you to slip through the cracks again.

To Marc Fauntleroy and Takia McClendon, we apologize for in any way diminishing your accomplishment. This was not intentional, but rather a careless mistake. To anyone who was offended by this slight, we also apologize.

Just because our paper is run by WCU students, it doesn’t mean that it is automatically “THE student newspaper.” Even a total lack of competition doesn’t make that statement true. That is a title which we need to earn. I understand completely if many of you out there don’t feel that it is an accurate title, but it’s been true of The Quad in the past, and it will be true of us again.

That you can count on just as sure as the sun will rise, Megan Fox will say something stupid and Michael Bay will make bad movies. It’s just the way of things.

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