Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

On Sept. 30, the government resolution will come to an end with the risk of another government shutdown threat. House Republicans are fed up with Obamacare and have made it clear that they are attempting to defund the Affordable Health Care Act. If the House and Senate cannot come to an agreement before the Sept. 30 deadline, the looming shut down will become reality.
With Obama in office as president, he has the power to veto defunding Obamacare, leaving citizens wondering why the defunding threat is occurring. The White House Twitter quoted Obama as saying, “Nobody gets to hurt our economy and millions of innocent people just because there are a couple laws you don’t like. #enoughalready.” The tweet was a frank response to Republicans’ support of defunding Obamacare.
The last government shutdown occurred in 1995. All national parks were shut down, federal workers were placed on furlough and did not get paid during the shutdown, small business loans were put on hold, and law enforcement worked on IOUs. If the shutdown were to happen again, these problems would be the same for our current nation.
“I believe we should stand our ground,” said Senator Cruz on Fox News. Cruz made it clear that he does not support Obamacare and is willing to shut down the government for his belief.
On the other hand, Cruz’s fellow Republican, Senator Marco Rubio, has taken the more cautious approach. “I don’t know of anyone who wants to shut down the government. The only thing we want to shut down is Obamacare.”
Both Senators have their own way of campaigning for defunding Obamacare but that does not change the fact that a government shutdown will occur if they vote to defund Obamacare in the upcoming resolution.
Jessica Macay is a fourth-year communication studies major. She can be reached at

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