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West Chester University held the Fall 2009 Career Fair in Sykes Ballrooms on Wed. Oct. 21 with more than 50 companies offering an opportunity to graduating students. The Twardowski Career Development Center in Lawrence Hall offered students additional tips towards career fair success and useful information on expectations and strategies.

Companies outlined their availability, targets sought and general background in searching for valued employees.

The Sykes Ballrooms held companies that varied in specializations ranging from field such as Pharmaceuticals to Family Services.

Career Fairs are a great opportunity for students to find and make connections face-to-face with recruiters who make hiring decisions.

The Twardowski Career Development center also released a Fall 2009 Career Fair booklet to map out just how to make these important connections.

The introduction begins with a firm handshake that oozes confidence. A brief rehearsal of an introduction is a small step in portraying confidence.

Conversation with a potential employer is very important and preparation, communication and remaining focused are integral in impressing a company that has a large pool from which to select an employee.

“Be optimistic, but have realistic expectations,” the Twardowski Career Development Center representatives said to job-hunters at West Chester University.

“The fair may or may not directly lead to a job offer, but it is a great forum for building relationships with employers and learning about new opportunities.”

A well-mannered candidate with impressive communication skills can bolster their reputation with a superior resume.

Recruiters were on the lookout for skills, qualifications and personality. An impressive resume can provide the edge needed in a treacherous job landscape.

“Unless you do your homework, you will end up wasting your time at a job fair,” said to prospective employees.

“Job fairs are the meat markets of the entry level job market, with employers sizing up candidates quickly, based on appearances, communication skills, and first impressions.”

The Sykes Student Union assisted the Twardowski Career Development Center along with the WCU Division of Students Affairs Staff and Career Ambassadors.

Maggie Tripp from the Office of Service Learning and Volunteer Programs and Charlie Warner from the Student Leadership and Involvement Program also helped bring in companies like the Abraxas Youth and Family Services and State Farm Insurance.

The recruiters available at the job fair were rarely the actual hiring managers. Human Resources recruiters who make their living as professional screeners dominated the Fall 2009 Career Fair at Sykes.

Their task is to weed out the undesirables so the actual hiring managers can spend quality time with the candidates that are on task for their expectations and needs.

“I think I handed in six resumes to different companies,” a West Chester Accounting Major set to graduate in December said.

“I’m optimistic for an opportunity to become a valuable asset to an accounting firm when I finish my time at West Chester.”

The Twardowski Career Development Center is located on the second floor of the Lawrence Center and office hours range from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays during the semester.

A variety of resources are available for students including more tips and information on landing a great job.

Eric Reinhimer is a West Chester University student. He can be reached at

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