Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

To the Editor:How original this past week’s article was to blame the media for politics being partisan! This is a problem that has become a part of our political system, with or without the media. Maybe we only see it happening because the news allows us to see politicians speak. The media has always taken its own side in how something is reported, and it is the public’s problem to interpret these. If you don’t like conservative news, there are many liberal news outlets and you can just ignore the conservative ones. American media provides us with many differing reported sides. This is nothing new.


To the Editor:

So many people are complaining about the smoking ban. I think it is awful that the student body was not more informed about the ban when it was upcoming. I paid to live in the dorms thinking that I would still be allowed to smoke outside, like in the past years. Students could have gotten off campus housing had they known about the ban, and the university kept it quiet. They did this in such a way that it seems like they wanted us to be surprised, so that they could get their housing money. It is a state law, but if we are a state school, then the university must have known what was going to happen to smoking on campus this year. I have to walk far away to smoke now, which is dangerous at night and inconvenient to do between classes. If you are caught smoking on campus, you have to pay a fine. Smoking is already an expensive habit! People still smoke right on the corner at Papa John’s, which is technically off campus. This concentrates the smokers and makes the smoke that walkers breathe in stronger. The ban only makes things worse for everybody.

A smoker

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