Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

It is that time of year. Commercials for McCain and Obama are everywhere. Debates have started. If you haven’t registered to vote yet, you are now out of luck. People already formulated their opinions on the candidates and have mostly decided who they will vote for. Or have they? Some people do not even wait to formulate their own opinions. They take their own bias and run with it.

Let’s take a look at Sarah Palin. Some people are only voting for her because they can’t vote for Hilary. However, if you take even one look at Palin on the issues you will find she is the same as a white male republican in every form except anatomy. Any Hilary supporter who has switched to Palin was never a Hilary supporter to begin with. They are just looking at anatomy. Congratulations, at least we got a woman in office. Let us rejoice. You messed up your country again.

For those that have not followed recent politics, here are some of the issues and Palin’s stance on them. Palin is very pro-life. She stated that she would choose life over abortion even if her own daughter were raped.

She is against gay-marriage and feels giving benefits to homosexuals is utterly unconstitutional. She stated that one of her top priorities would be to preserve the definition of “marriage.” In our country today, should that really be a top priority? Is this the most pressing matter to Americans today?

She favors teacher-led prayer in public schools, a practice which is currently outlawed not to offend, but to protect individual student rights. She opposes more federal funding for health coverage. She feels Global Warming affects Alaska, but is not man-made. She wants to sue the U.S government to stop listing polar bears as an endangered species, despite recent scientific findings that suggest otherwise.

She opposes sex-education programs, and calls for abstinance-only education. I don’t understand why she would not be a major supporter of sex-education since she herself has a seventeen-year old daughter who is pregnant and unmarried. She wants to spread democracy throughout the world, and yet her focus was centered around fighting Al-Qaeda and not on reading rights. She has no plan or idea for how to ever end the war.

It is funny that McCain is supporting change, yet picked a VP that seems to just be more of the same. Yes, it would be a historic event to have a woman vice president in office, yet is it worth it if she is the wrong person for the job? Is she really ready to lead a country?

Melanie Peterson is a second-year communication studies major. She can be reached at

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