Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Many prospective employees may be unaware of the proper etiquette to use when interviewing for a job. For example, how many people know that they should send out thank you cards after an interview?On Friday, Mar. 24, the Students Actively Involved in Leadership (SAIL) organization held a program on etiquette in Sykes, room 209.

SAIL, a non-credit leadership development program, offers discussions on various topics throughout the semester. Rachel Silbaugh led the discussion on etiquette and welcomed questions from everyone attending. Although the attendance was lacking, the value of the discussion was not.

The program dealt with etiquette issues in the workplace, dining out, interviewing for jobs and making introductions.

“Everything about you needs to look prepared,” Silbaugh said. She discussed the importance of manners and first impressions when attending job fairs and interviews. Silbaugh also suggested students should make use of Job Choices for Business and Liberal Arts Students magazine available in the Twardowski Career Development Center.

Silbaugh talked about handling offensive language in formal and informal situations. “Active listening is the best etiquette,” Silbaugh said. The best way to handle argumentative people, she said, is to use tact and show respect. “Everyone thinks differently and taking the time to listen to them and respect what they’re saying is important.”

Adam Lush, a junior, said he enjoys the programs. “I think they are very informative and teach valuable life lessons about stuff you won’t learn in a class.” When asked about the low turnout, Lush said,”I think students would take advantage if they were aware of the programs.

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