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A few students and others gathered last Wednesday on Oct. 8, 2008 evening to watch the film “Bordertown.”
Although the crowd was small, it had an enormous impact on students as it informed them about a true reality that many women from Juárez, Mexico are experiencing. The intensity of the movie was portrayed in many of the viewers whom sadness reflected and impotence on their faces.
This film is based on true events occurring in the northern region of México, along the US border. Bordertown, written by Gregory Nava in 2006, is the story of Lauren Fredericks (Jennifer López) and Eva (Maya Zapata).
Fredericks is an American journalist who is sent to the Mexican city of Juárez to investigate the disappearances of hundreds of young women. There she meets Eva, who is a survivor; she was raped and buried alive, but was able to survive and fight for her dignity against her attackers. She was another victim; a third shift factory worker. She was on her way home when she was attacked.
Since 1993, it is argued that around 5,000 women have disappeared or murdered in Juárez, Mexico. Juarez is a factory border-town that is home to hundreds of maquilas, or foreign owned factories. Since the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994, a couple of thousands factories have relocated to the Mexican-US border, many of them have found a home in Juárez. Most women are attacked while in their way to home.
Ironically, police and authorities have been covering up the brutal rapes and murders they have tried to make this issue unimportant and argue that this is not an unusual issue. To her surprise, she discovers that the real threat is not the murder, rather the superior forces who do not want the story to be unleashed.
Local newspapers refuse to talk about it; yet, Frederick will not stop her investigation and will cross boundaries in order to find justice, peace and to bring this issue afloat. Fredericks and Eva fight until the end to find justice. However, in their journey to investigate more about the disappearances of these women, they will have to fight against the powerful and elite. But their persistence, good will and faith prevail.Alejandro Carillo is a West Chester Student. He can be reached at

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