Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

This past weekend marked the beginning of autumn and my fourth autumn here at WCU. I must say that my absolute favorite aspect of fall at WCU is how aesthetically warm and vibrant Church Street looks lined with multicolored leaves. The changing leaves and crisp air definitely make the walk to class much more appealing.

Along with the crunchy leaves and sweater weather, autumn brings a lot with its arrival. Autumn brings boots and hoodies, chimney smoke and the smell of cinnamon, anything and everything pumpkin-flavored, candy corn and costumes, and homecoming season and football games. And autumn also brings change. From the beginning of September to mid-October, nothing is the same at WCU-the trees look different, the air smells and feels different, the walk to our now-stressful-because-it-is-almost-midterm-season classes even sounds different. There are a lot of changes and honestly, change is scary.

Personally, this autumn brings with it more changes than I would have liked. Within the past month, I moved back to WCU for the very last time, I turned 21, and I suffered the loss of my father. Experiencing just one of those changes would have been scarier than any ghouls or goblins I might see this Halloween, so all three of them occurring has been quite overwhelming. Therefore, I am reluctantly resigning as The Quad’s Editor-in-Chief so that I can focus on healing with my family and dealing with my upcoming launch into the “real world” after graduation in December.

I have great hope that autumn will bring everyone at WCU some happy, wonderful changes this year. One change that I am completely certain will positively affect the WCU community is the appointment of our new Editor-in-Chief, Kenny Ayres. I know all of our readers have seen the extraordinary, hard work he has done with our Sports section, (the newspaper might as well be called WCU Sports, right?) so just imagine the immense effect he will have on the entire newspaper. I wish him and the rest of our wonderful staff the best of luck this year.

~Carol Fritz
The Quad

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