Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

    As an Assistant Professor in the Sociology and Anthropology Department, Dr. Jacqueline Zalewski has been teaching for 11 years and teaching at West Chester University for five years. After earning her undergraduate degree in sociology at University of Wisconsin Parkside in Kenosha Wisconsin, she then earned her Master’s and Doctorate in sociology at Loyola University of Chicago. In graduate school, she focused on sociology of work and technology and internet studies.            In addition to teaching Introduction to Sociology, Zalewski also teaches: Urban Sociology, Sociology of Work, Sociology of Organizations, and Sociology of Education. She is also the advisor to the Sociology Club on campus.         Zalewski has peer reviewed publications in National Academic Advising Association, NACADA Journal, that include: (in press) “Customer Service Work is ‘Mindless!’  Advising Millennials About the Value of Emotional Labor for Careers” (with Leigh Shaffer), (in press) “It’s What I Have Always Wanted to Do: Advising the Foreclosure Student” (with Leigh Shaffer), “Career Advising in a VUCA Environment” (with Leigh Shafer), and “A Human Capital Approach to Career Advising”  (with Leigh Shaffer).

    Along with her publications, Zalewski has earned a few awards. While teaching as an adjunct, she won the Associate Faculty Teaching Award from Indiana University Northwest. In graduate school, she received a dissertation fellowship to do her research on the outsourcing of professional work in information technologies and human resources.        Zalewski said her best academic achievement was finishing her PhD and her biggest non-academic life achievement was moving from the working to the lower-middle class. She has several academic goals on her horizon. She is applying for tenure and promotion, she wants to continue incorporating technology in her classroom, she wants to publish more, and she wants to learn more about the institution of higher education. Her life goal is to mentor students to do “good works and carry on a positive message to others.”

    Zalewski explained what she loves most about teaching is, “the students, and helping foster more awareness of the social patterns in everyday life.” She loves West Chester University because of its “collegiality.”

    “I have the opportunity to work with peers on scholarship and be on committees that cross disciplines.” Zalewski said.  “For example in addition to the NACADA articles I have co-authored with Leigh Shaffer, I currently co-chair the Pedagogy for Engagement committee and work with great people who share my commitment to pedagogy and learning.”                Zalewski gives students this advice: “Explore your interests, be flexible, and open to the possibilities and opportunities that present themselves.  With this approach, you will experience success.”

    Nicole Petry, a fifth-year, said, “Professors like Dr. Zalewski are hard to find. Her passion and dedication to her students is evident…. As an advisor she encourages her students to succeed and her influence is immeasurable.”

    Dr. Zalewski’s office  can be found on the bottom floor of Old Library located on the corner of Rosedale Avenue and Church Street.

    Rebekah Balmer is a fifth-year student majoring in women’s and gender studies and sociology. She can be reached at

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