Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

The West Chester University Division of Student Affairs is committed to providing students with a variety of living and learning options. In the spirit of this tradition, an exciting new opportunity is being offered for new and returning students. The 6th Floor of Ramsey Hall will become an alcohol, substance and tobacco free floor next fall. Space is available to both new and returning students. Why set up substance free housing? Aren’t all of our Residence Halls alcohol and substance free? Students may want to live in an environment that offers healthy lifestyle options and one which is free from the disruption of students returning to the Residence Halls from off-campus parties. Some studies indicate that as many as 20 percent of students come from homes where alcohol and substances are abused. For these students, finding a safe place free of these substances provides a new and healthy living environment. Substance-free housing, according to research, cuts down on vandalism. Substance-free housing may increase enrollment and retention of students in alcohol and substance recovery programs. Students who are trying to moderate their alcohol use may find this easier to do in a supportive environment.

There are many reasons that students would want to choose this option. Perhaps they are in recovery from an abuse problem. They may want to avoid the roommate problems associated with drinking or drug use, or increase their academic performance. Due to some student’s religious preference or beliefs they may not want to be around this type of activities even indirectly. Avoiding situations that are similar to family problems may be anther reason and finally an allergy to smoke may also be a cause for a student to choose this option.

In order for this to work students must sign a contract that indicates they will not use, or be under the influence of, alcohol and substances or smoke while onthe sixt floor of Ramsey . Additional funds will be available for programming on this floor to provide alternative options on the weekends for these residents. Resident Assistants on this floor are committed to a healthy lifestyle and will assist these students in seeking out campus resources.

Students currently signed up for housing or who wish to live on this floor may contact Residence Life and Student Housing Services at 610.436.3307 or

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