Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

The Dining Advisory Board met this past Thursday to discuss some new events and promotions taking place in the different campus dining locations and to share upcoming events including a Halloween party in Lawrence Dining Hall this Thursday, October 30, and two contests being sponsored this week. The first is a pumpkin-weighing contest, which begins on Monday, October 27. The winner of this contest will be notified on October 29, and can claim their prize at the Halloween party on October 30. The prizes for the winners are $25 in Flex Bucks for both second and third place, and $50 in Flex Bucks for first place.

The second contest is a costume contest that will take place during the dinner service on October 30. Judging will take place between 4:30 and 6:30 and will be done by the Dining Service Staff. For the costume contest, third prize is a free three-foot hoagie from South Side, second is a week’s supply of milkshakes from the Diner and first place is a private pizza party for you and fifteen friends.

In addition to the Halloween events, there are a few other events taking place in the upcoming months. Aramark is bringing back the Guest Chef Series, in which head chefs from other universities will come cook at West Chester and our chef will travel to other schools. The first of these events will take place on November 5, and we will be hosting the head chef from Immaculata University. Other schools that will be featured in this series include Widner University and St. Joseph’s University.

The question was raised as to what the University does with food that goes uneaten every day, and it was announced that the Dining Service Staff is currently in the works of a collaboration with Circle K to donate unused food. Currently nothing is done with the food, but chefs work to prepare only as much food as they anticipate to be eaten to avoid large amounts of wasted food.

Some new specials in Ram’s Head Food Court, located in Sykes Student Union were unveiled as well. These include “Midday Madness” specials, which are combo deals for anyone not paying with meal plans, and Java City’s “Drink of the Month.” Java City is also introducing the use of frequency cards where after buying a certain number of drinks you can get one free. Also, on October 30, West Chester’s own Baker Bob will be back decorating his custom specialty cookies.

The $5.99 Blue Plate Specials are also being brought back to both the South Side locations and The Diner. Also now available at The Diner are Weekend Wings, available as either a ten piece or a 20 piece, served with buffalo sauce and blue cheese.

The Dining Service staff reminds any student who has a complaint or an issue at any on campus location that they are encouraged to ask for a manager so that issues can be resolved. There are also comment boxes in Lawrence for you to leave concerns and questions anonymously.

Jenn Rothstein is a second-year student majoring in English. She can be reached at JR649299@wcupa.edu.

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