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Goodwill Fire Company hosted former New York City Mayor Rudolph Guiliani at a republican rally on Oct. 3. Giuliani stressed the importance of Pennsylvania in reelecting President George W. Bush.Speakers including West Chester Mayor Dick Yoder, Congressperson Jim Gerlach, State Representitive Eleanor Z. Taylor, Senator Bob Thompson, Sheriff Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh, Republican State Committee Chairperson Alan Novak, and Congressperson Curt Weldon addressed a crowd of over 300.

Members of the crowd were holding signs reading: “Law Enforcement for Bush” and “Firefighters Support Bush.”Mayor Yoder welcomed Giuliani on behalf of the West Chester Community when he said, “We are honored today… [Guiliani] will become a part of our community?s long, glorious history.”

Congressperson Gerlach described the event as, “A rally for our president, rally for leadership, and a rally for our future.” He spoke of the “clear path with President Bush,” and said that “Bush is who we need to support on Nov. 2.” Gerlach also spoke of leadership, citing Giuliani?s book, entitled “Leadership.” He stated that if Giuliani, or “America?s Mayor,” is supporting Bush, “we need to.” He ended by saying, “This country?s future will be much brighter because we elected George W. Bush.”

Taylor, veteran of 15 years of service as State Representive, said of Bush, “You know what he stands for and you know what he stands for yesterday and today and tomorrow.” She also spoke of leadership, describing Giuliani as, “A man who can bring a group together and show leadership and a man who is a great spokesman for George W. Bush.”

Senator Thompson urged the residents of Chester County to put forth their best efforts in getting Bush re-elected. He said, “We have to make sure Chester County works twice as hard to carry the vote for this Commonwealth for George W. Bush.”

Novak reiterated the theme of hard work. He said, “We need to make sure that they [the Democrats] don?t outwork us in Pennsylvania.” He continued, “This is the beginning of the home stretch…This is about looking at yourself in the mirror every morning and asking what can I do for George W. Bush today?”

Giuliani entered the room, greeted by a standing ovation andapplause. He said, “I feel very much at home in a firehouse,” as he talked about his family?s history of service. Of first responders, he said, “They put their lives at risk so that you and I are safe.” He also quipped to the firefighters of Goodwill, “If anything happens, just leave quickly.” Giuliani also stressed the importance of this year?s election.

“There?s so much at stake, like our ability to be safe.”
While speaking of Bush?s opponent, he joked, “Who?s that other guy? Gore? Hillary?” To which an audience member responded, “Idiot.” Giuliani spoke of last week?s debate, saying that he challanges senator Kerry to have the third debate about sports.

Giulani then turned to more serious issues, such as Bush?s war on terror. He said, “The president said we?re going to wage war against terrorism… what he was saying is that we?re going on the offense with terrorism instead of just on the defense.” Of Kerry?s plans to fight terror he said, “I don?t understand what Senator Kerry is talking about when he says we?re going to fight the war on terrorism by bringing in more allies. How do you do this by insulting the allies we have?” Giuliani explained how Kerry is insulting these allies by refering to them as “pawns.”

He said, “President Bush knows how to be determined.” He stressed Bush?s role in developing homeland security, citing Kerry as someone who only helped in delaying the program.

Giuliani then turned the topic to healthcare. He asked the audience, “How many peope do you know that go from the United States to a country with socialized medicine for an operation?” He stressed the need for better healthcare prices, but not destroying the system as he asserted Kerry wants to do. “John Kerry wants a system like the countries he seems more comfortable with – France, Germany.”

Giuliani then went on to talk about President Abraham Lincoln, who was almost not nominated by the Republican party because he was fighting a war that was not popular. Giuliani asserted that Lincoln, like Bush, saw towards the future.

Giuliani ended by encouraging the audience to “keep putting pressure on…Don?t listen to pessimists who say this is the wrong war at the wrong time.”

Looking at the firemen flanking the stage, he said, “A fireouse is truely a special place. A place where people know what?s right and what?s

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