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  On March 22, students, faculty, and staff gathered for the monthly Recreation Center Committee meeting. Student leaders representing the Student Activities Council, Student Ambassadors, and Intramural sports, among other organizations, were present during the meeting.

“It’s becoming more and more of a building,” Dee Giardina, Executive Direction of Facilities Design and Construction, said, talking about the advanced shape the building is starting to take on.

Construction workers are even starting to work on the building earlier in the day and even on Saturdays to make sure the building is completed on time.

“There is a lot of work going on, not only outside, but inside as well,” Mina Lele, Senior Interior Designer, Department of Facilities Design and Construction, said. The tentative date for the building to open for students is August 24. However, Lele is hoping the building will be finished by July 4 or 5.

Discussion on the status of the Ram statue, donated by the Student Government Association, followed. The statue will be in dark bronze with a dedication plaque, and will be placed in the patio of the Recreation Center.

Last semester, students, faculty, and staff were given a chance to sign small tiles with their names. These tiles are going to be displayed inside the Recreation Center and will be made into an art piece by Dr. John Baker, Chair of the Art Department. Around 450 tiles were submitted, mostly from students and alumni.

The committee also discussed how Public Relations can get the word out about the Recreation Center. A representative from Student Ambassadors announced that he talked to his executive board of the organization and came up with the idea of giving away free water bottles, key lanyards, or a coupon for a free smoothie from the juice bar to promote the Recreation Center.

So far, there is no date for the grand opening ceremony.

The meeting also included a sampling of the furniture that will be featured inside of the Recreation Center, thanks to Lele who had them shipped especially for the committee meeting. The furniture included café tables and chairs, lounge chairs, and a variety of soft furniture. The “soft” seating will be placed around the TV lounges for students to watch games. Seating for students waiting for workout equipment to be free will also be provided. School colors will be incorporated into the fabric used for the furniture. All fabrics are 70% recycled material and sustainable, according to Lele.

Student leaders sat on the various chairs during the meeting, giving feedback on which ones were comfortable and which ones were not.

“These chairs are very form fitting,” one student said. Benches will be covered in vinyl so that the seats can be wiped down by the staff.

Students will also be provided small closets to store their personal belongings while they are working out.

“We’re not sure what will be done with locks and keys and such,” Lele said.

The Recreation Center building will be wireless. The building will include filtered water fountains like the one in Sykes Student Union.

To learn more about the center, visit the website at

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