Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Dear Editor,

This SIPS Program is a joke. West Chester has a bad reputation for drinking, but maybe if so many kids weren’t being arrested, then the papers wouldn’t have any facts to write about. Drinking occurs at all campuses and no matter how much a school wants to brag about a dry campus, it’s just not true. It’s wrong to go into parties and wait until they are full to their maximum to hand out fines, just so the township or school can get money. I’ve heard rumors that there’s been upwards of $50,000 worth of fines given out just at one party alone. Why can’t kids have fun anymore? We work hard in school and then when we want to relax, we get harrassed by this new program. Some of our parents even know we drink, but we are still harrassed. I know it’s hard to argue with the law of being 21, but let teens be teens. Let teens have fun. I wonder if the people who created and enforced these laws ever had fun when they were in college? Because I’m sure they did the same things that kids like us are being hunted down for now.

Michael Zuino

WCU student

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