Wed. May 29th, 2024

Hope you all had an enjoyable and productive summer. I know I did. In addition to occasionally contributing to the workforce, I also found time to rediscover a series of novels pertaining to the adventures of a young British wizard. Unfortunately, I can’t remember his name. Harold something or other I think.

But I digress, my point is that I am now back on board with this whole wizarding thing— I fell off the bandwagon after book four in the series, aka “The Bible of Harold Whosy-Whatsit.”

Now, I’ve got one book left to go before I’m done, but already I’m starting to see the world a bit differently. I am the highly suggestible type, or so I’ve been told.

Either way, the car ride up to campus used to be an hour long drive through a fairly uninteresting countryside. Now though it is a rollicking trip on board a magical train, across scenic Great Britain, which is— of course— where wizards live.

Seems WCU decided to get in on the fun as well. No longer do we go by the old ranking system of Senior, Junior, Sophomore and Freshmen. Now we go with the Hogwarts-esque 1st year, 2nd year and so forth. So much better!

Need I even mention the fact that we have a castle on campus? Yeah, this imagination stuff is pretty darn easy once you get the ball rolling.

Well, on to the business at hand I suppose. There have been a lot of changes taking place on campus since many of us left to spend the summer with muggle relatives. Here are a few general announcements for all students, 1st year and up.

First off, those looking to join the Society for Portrait Bewitching, or TV Club as they prefer to be called, should no longer venture into the depths of the E.O. Bull Center. WCU TV-5 has relocated its headquarters to Brandywine Hall, while the Chamber of Secrets has been moved to the Bull Center.

Whoops! I fear I’ve said too much! Forget that last part.

Moving on. Our new Headmaster, Dr. Greg Weisenstein, will be beginning his first full year in the position after taking over last spring from interim Headmistress Dr. Linda Lamwers.

Dr. Lamwers has since returned to her previous roles of VP for Academic Affairs, Provost and lastly, the Head of Gryffindor House.

While we’re on the subject of staff changes, it seems that Mr. Barrett McGee will be taking over the job of Coordinator of Student Activities this term. Some say the position is cursed, but that’s simply hogwash. Jobs can’t be cursed. Only people and sports teams. Duh.

And finally, there are reports that Lord Voldemort. errm. I mean “he-who-must-not-be-named”— or “he-who-walks-behind-the-rows,” if you’re a “Children of the Corn” fan— is still on the loose. Keep a weather eye out for him, especially if you are the unlucky chap assigned to room with that Potter kid in Allegheny.

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