Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

It is safe to say that Saves the Day is back and better than ever. After the release of the dreary, Beatles inspired album In Reverie, many fans deserted this band and lost faith in their ability to write a fun rock album. However, that album was a valuable stepping-stone in the Saves the Day story, for without In Reverie, we would not have 2006’s Sound the Alarm. Sound the Alarm mixes the best parts of the band’s last album and adds a touch of the group’s earlier work. With bratty vocals, dark lyrics and intense instrumentation, this is an album that will leave the listener breathless and longing to hear these songs played live. In order to fully grasp the brilliance that is Sound the Alarm, one must only listen to the lyrics that lead singer/guitarist Chris Conley crafts. Saves the Day has always been known for their dark, angst ridden lyrics, but Sound the Alarm is easily the bands darkest album with lyrics that set the tone perfectly. The song “Shattered” displays this perfectly, as Conley belts out lines like “Took a wrench to my chest/cracked all my ribs/let the blood run over my hands” proving that he knows these are the words fans have come to expect from him. The dark imagery that the band is known for was absent from In Reverie.

However, it is not all depressing and violent. There are some catchy gems that are more along the lines of older Saves the Day songs. Songs like “Eulogy,” “Say You’ll Never Leave” and the album’s best song “Dying Day,” are all fast, catchy, fun rock songs. While the album shines with its dark, brooding words, these songs prove you can be dark and fun at the same time, which is something Saves the Day has done perfectly since their debut album “Can’t Slow Down.”

The music to accompany the lyrics is equally impressive. The sound is raw and heavy, but with some softer parts thrown into the mix. The band took the best parts from In Reverie and Through Being Cool and made a sound that is, ironically, completely different than anything that they have done before. The first single, “The End,” showcases the new sound perfectly, as does the opening track “Head for the Hills.” This is something that continues to make this band impressive; their ability to sound different on every album. If one were to trace their musical progression from Can’t Slow Down to Sound the Alarm, they would be able to hear the changes that the band has made throughout the years.

While not the band’s best work, Sound the Alarm is a welcome change from the dreary, drab sound of 2003’s In Reverie. The album displays an intensity and passion that has not been present in Saves the Day for a very long time. For any fan that gave up on them after being disappointed by In Reverie, this album is for you. It will not disappoint and proves that Saves the Day is back and is better than ever.

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