Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Finals are fastly approaching and everyone is starting to buckle down to study. There are many places available on campus where one can study such as the library and the student union. How one studies, however, is the key to one’s success during finals time. At the Francis Harvey Green Library, there are plenty of places where one may study; on the first floor, there is the periodical section with many relaxing sofas and armchairs, there is the children literature room, which also has comfortable arm chairs. The table and chairs throughout the library are just as cozy as any room. The third through sixth floor are selected rooms that are convenient for students to use. Although the third floor rooms are mainly reserved for faculty and staff, if you want to study there during finals week, it is allowed. Get there early because it fills up quick! Furthermore, if one cannot get those vacant spaces, then try the fourth and fifth floors, even though they may be a little more distracting.

At Sykes Student Union, there are also many places a student may study. There are vacant rooms on the second floor of Sykes, but one has to reserve them in advance because they are mainly reserved for clubs and other organized activities. Also there is always the third floor lounge that has cushy sofas and arm chairs, as well as cubical desks that partition you from distracting individuals or objects that may keep you from working.

However, if all available spots are filled, there is always a patch of ground outside to use if the weather is nice. Getting outside of those stuffy rooms and breathing fresh air may help the brain stay alert a little better. There are many parks located around West Chester, which are pretty vacant until after school lets out and the kids come to play. For those who like to study early in the day, these spots are perfect.

The right way to study is essential to being well prepared. Lacking sleep is not highly recommended because all your concentration will be focused on wanting food instead of studying. All-nighters are not recommended because focusing will become harder as the night wears on. Also you will not be able to retain the information for a long period of time.

Eating the right kinds of food is also helpful. Food containing high levels of sugar will produce a fast high with a fast crash. Eating these kinds of food will not help sustained study sessions. Also eating all the regular meals will help your body fueled for those long days.

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