Kate Iezzoni is a senior graduating in May. She has worked at The Quad since her sophomore year starting out as Entertainment Assistant and eventually became the Entertainment Editor. “It was a fun experience. I’ve learned a lot about computers, working with people, and being in an editorial position,” said Iezzoni.

Iezzoni has a double major in English and Theater. After graduation she plans on going to graduate school at Brooklyn College in New York City for Arts Management.

She has also been very actively involved in the University Theater throughout her four years here at West Chester University.

Iezzoni was able to get credible experience in the professional theater business while she interned with a theater producer in London’s West End during this past summer. During her stay in London, she was able to travel to Rome, Paris and Munich.

Unfortunately, she also experienced the terrorism attacks on the London transportation during her summer stay.

“The train in which most people were killed, was the one that I took every day,” said Iezzoni.

Being in the professional theater environment, Iezzoni also got to meet one of her favorite Hollywood actors, Johnny Depp and shared a drink with “Doogie Houser.”

Iezzoni loves rock music, chocolate milkshakes and cooking. She hates malted milk balls and people who force their opinions on people.

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