Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

WCU will postpone Banana Day for the first time in 15 years since its inception.

After the protest held last year, the student-run group was asked to obtain free-trade bananas for their event. The protest involved some students not participating in Banana Day events, while other members who felt stronger about the situation, had informed students in the academic quad that the bananas were not free-trade. Every year students in the academic quad compete in activities to win a Banana Day t-shirt.

Banana Day, one of students’ favorite events is postponed until the free-trade bananas come in. The event, which would occur on April 4, may not be possible this year, despite the hard work of the organizers.

No Banana Day also means no Banana Day t-shirts.

“I’m really disappointed to find this out,” one student said. They stood in front of the posters announcing the postponement. “The t-shirts are my favorite part about Banana Day.”

“I know, right,” their friend added, “I have t-shirts from the last three years!”

Both students said that they are graduating in May and wanted a chance to win their last Banana Day t-shirt. They said that they plan on returning to the campus as alumni for the “best days, like Banana Day and Homecoming.”

Student leaders are hoping to have Banana Day occur prior to the graduation ceremony in May. If the event does not get rescheduled, at the very least, they promised they will bring Banana Day to graduation.

Ginger Rae Dunbar is an avid Banana Day fan. She has not won a t-shirt since her first-year at WCU.

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