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     West Chester women’s rugby’s undefeated season ended this weekend as they lost to Penn State University on their home pitch. The final score was 70-7, but captain Anna McGlade said that, “The score board did not reflect how we played.”

     That could not be more correct. For the entire 80 minutes of the game it was back and fourth intensity with kicking, tackling and scrumming down. West Chester captian Beth DiMassa, scored in the  23rd minute for five points and the conversion kick by Anna McGlade was good for another two bringing the score to seven against Penn State’s 10. 

     The first 30 minutes of the game were not what Penn State had expected. With the amount of pressure that West Chester was applying, it took Penn State much longer than West Chester had anticipated for them to score. Priscilla Torres said, “We put up a fight that the Penn State girls did not expect.”

     With each tackle by the home team, the crowd grew more and more uproarious, which definitely motivated the team to play even harder. 

     With preparation for this game lasting the entire season, but specifically focusing on the last three weeks, the tension had time to build as the championship game neared. The snow from last Saturday caused the game to be postponed until this weekend and, on top of that, the starting time had been pushed back three times over the last 24 hours leaving the girls to get more anxious as the actual playing time approached. 

     Rookie starter Lauren Wertz had never played Penn State until today. “They played strong and were just like I had expected,” Wertz said.

     The injury levels were high as many girls from both teams had to have evaluations on the field. A bloody nose, a scratched face and a few concussions were among the injuries. 

     With the season now at 4-1, the intensity of this game will only lead the team to play harder and get better from here on out. The girls put their hearts and souls into this game and it was surely one for the record books. Only one game remains in the season, next Saturday versus Quinnipiac, and it is sure to be a good one. 

Devon Petaccio is a third-year student majoring in communication studies with a film minor. She can be reached at

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