A few weeks ago, we began to let our readers know about the financial strain that The Quad is currently dealing with. As a reminder: as our printing and publication costs have risen with the failing economy, the budget allotted to us from SGA has remained the same over time. We have been working with SGA and Student Services Inc., all semester, to do the best we can in providing on the scene news for the West Chester University community, but we still had to make some sacrifices.

The biggest sacrifice that The Quad will be making this semester is cutting back on our publication schedule. The Quad typically prints twelve issues a semester, only skipping holiday weeks and school breaks. However this semester we will only be running ten issues. Next week’s issue will be the last issue until the fall. We have also been cutting back on staff positions and the staff worked without pay for the Aprils Fool’s issue last week.

We apologize for the cut in issues that you will be seeing this semester, and we hope to return to our full publication schedule in the fall. We also thank you for your continued support of The Quad during this financial strain.

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