Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022


     Campus tours for prospective students and their families, conducted every day four times a day, bring back memories for current WCU students. Semesters fly by one after another, making it feel like we just graduated high school and stepped on to a college campus. Following behind a tour, as you walk to class, you might learn something if you overhear the ambassador.

     When I see someone reading a map directory of the campus, I stop to ask if they need help finding where they are going. Seeing a small group of people pointing to different spots on the map, my friend and I helped them. They asked a number of questions and my friend, an orientation leader, knew a fair share of information. I even learned something new.

     As you start to understand the campus and recall locations, you might start calling this place home. Many students refer West Chester University as their home away from home. You start to refer to ‘home’ as your residence, on or off campus, and ‘home home’ as your parents’ house. That’s only the beginning.

     Looking at the prospective students, I thought to myself, WCU has wonderful opportunities; I hope they discover what college can offer. It’s never too late to get involved, not even if this November is your last year in college. I thought about my first-year and how it’s a whole new world, understanding the ins and outs of being on a college campus, more so than attending college classes.

     As a new student, you have Ram Bucks and you have Flex. How long did it take you to realize the difference between the two? You might be graduating in May, but do you know what the official name of the ‘castle building’ is? You’ve seen the Phillips Memorial building on our University logo.  It represents the arch, showing “education is the gateway to achievement” (www.wcupa.edu_services). There will be so much to learn from day one on campus. What you learn here will prepare you for life after graduation and may somehow impact you for many years to come.


~ Ginger Rae


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