Thu. May 30th, 2024

As the second issue of the Quad graces the halls of West Chester this semester, I hope it is safe to assume students have found their way back into the swing of things. Unfortunately, it is right about this time when teachers begin assigning the first major semester projects, and maybe even worse, announcing dates for first exams.

Meanwhile, if other West Chester students are anything like me, it is also right about this time when students start yearning for fall break. After all, nothing breaks up the monotony like a good old fashioned holiday.

Yet, before the school week begins to drag on again, I would like to call students’ attentions to the holiday hiding just beneath our noses. In fact, this Tuesday, Sept. 17 is a nationally recognized holiday. Referred to as both Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, Sept. 17 is a day to both commemorate the signing of the Constitution on the day, 226 years ago, and also to recognize and celebrate the lives of all US citizens.

Though many students may slide through the day without even noticing the increase in displayed American flags, hopefully they do notice the rights, freedoms, and privileges they experience daily as a result of their citizenship in this nation. In 1787, our founding fathers met to create a union that would establish precedence for the rights we all hold so dear today. Undoubtedly, there are days when sitting in class feels less than glamorous, but this week I hope students will be thankful for those seats and resolve to use their rights, their privileges, and their educations responsibly.

As responsible citizens we must acknowledge that the fight for human rights is not over, and that many of our peers could still use a helping hand. Not everyone will feel compelled to become political activists, and certainly that is not what I am suggesting. Instead, as citizens, we can impact someone’s life every single day in the simplest of ways. Here are 4 things I challenge readers to do for someone else every day this week, and and every day in the future. Do not sweat it, as they should come naturally.

1. Give a compliment.

2. Hold the door. (A special thank you to the Main Hall Door Gentleman.)

3. Say thank you.

4. Smile.

This Citizenship Day, I hope the students of West Chester University will remember just what it means to be a citizen and embrace it to the fullest.

– Joy Wilson
Op-Ed Editor 

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