Thu. May 30th, 2024

I feel like it was only a few days ago I was moving into Allegheny Hall to start my freshman year here at West Chester. I didn’t really know anyone, was not involved any clubs and was intimidated by the daunting task of completing four sure to be hard years of school.

Now I sit here ready to start my final go around at college. It’s definitely cliché, but college goes by FAST. Before you know it, you are applying to graduate and thinking back on all you did at school. Or maybe all you didn’t do.

West Chester is one of those places with lots of possibilities, both for academics and leisure. Because of that, it is really easy to go into your senior year and realize you did not do something that you were sure you were going to find the time to do here at WCU, but never ended up getting around to it.

I’ve paid attention to some of the things I have heard lately from those who have graduated or are close to graduating pertaining to things they wish they had done while they were at school here. It’s just a little list of some of the small nuances of this school and town that everybody ought to know about and put somewhere in the back of their minds so they do it at least once before graduation sneaks up.

1. Go to a homecoming football game (or even a football game in general). Yes, the other day I overheard someone say they had never been to a football game in four years here. I understand some people do not like sports, but it’s your college! This homecoming, make sure you come down to the stadium and enjoy the festivities. You might regret it if you never go to one.

2. Eat a Gordo at Burrito Loco. If you don’t know what a Gordo is, it’s a monstrous burrito that looks like something out of Man vs. Food. They serve them at Burrito Loco across High Street from Main Hall, and if you finish it (that’s a big if) you get your picture up on the wall. One of my best friends here at school told me every day that she was going to eat a Gordo and never did before graduating. It’s so well known and unique that it is a must-try here at West Chester. Just try not to make plans the rest of the day.

3. See a concert at The Note. Or even just stop in for a bit. Don’t lie, you all at one point or another know you secretly hoped to see Bam Margera around here. Head down for a bit and support a local band, you never know what you will hear or who you will see.

4. Go to all three of the popular parades and festivals in town: The Christmas Parade, the Chili Cookoff, and Restaurant Festival. All are West Chester traditions and a great way to support the town and represent the University. Plus, food and music, what else do you need?

5. Lastly, but most importantly, Get involved! There is nothing worse than finishing college and thinking ” I wish I had gotten involved in a club or organization when I had the chance.” Signing up can’t hurt one bit, in fact it’s the contrary. It will help you advance academically, socially and professionally and can help open a lot of doors.

This list is not exhaustive by any means, just a few of the things I’ve heard people say they have not done at school and wish they had. There are tons of other things unique to West Chester to try while you are here. So do them, have some fun! Don’t put those things you want to do off,, because before you know it you’ll be wearing a cap and gown and you might have missed your chance.

-Kenny Ayres

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