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As September rolls in, so do the premieres. Many shows are returning to television this month, as well as in October. FOX’s “House” premiers Sept.16. This season, you can expect to see Wilson considering leaving the hospital and a private investigator for at least a few episodes.

The CW’s “Smallville” premiers Sept. 18. “Smallville” is the story of Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman. As in every season, new characters are introduced including Doomsday, the character that killed Superman in the comics. A few other villains will be joining in this season as well including the return of “Green Arrow.”

The CW’s also premiering “Supernatural” on Sept. 18. “Supernatural” features two brothers, Sean and Dean, on their adventures battling various forms of evil.

This season, there will be a bigger focus on Sam and Dean’s family, including their grandfather who will be played by X-Files’ Mitch Pileggi.

NBC’s “Heroes” premiers Sept. 22. This third season is subtitled “Villains.” “Heroes” follows various characters, all with special powers. Some of which are used to save the world, while others want to destroy it. Sylar is back absorbing people’s powers and many of our heroes will be lead down a very dark path.

ABC’s “Ugly Betty” returns Sept. 25. Various guest appearances follow this season including Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima. America Ferrarah continues her role as the frumpy yet lovable “Betty.”

ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” also returns on Sept. 25 with a two-hour premiere. Fans will get to see Izzy find love again and “McSteamy” might begin to settle down!

NBC’s “The Office” premiers Sept. 25.

ABC’s “Desperate Housewives” returns Sept. 28 now in its sixth season. For those who might have lost touch with the show, this may be the time to resume watching. Gabrielle, once the oh-so-glamorous of the housewives, is now a mother of two!

Susan now has a new man and is living with him, and Edie returns to town.

FOX’s “American Dad” premieres Sept. 28. Seth Green, the creator of “Family Guy” brings this animated comedy about a CIA agent and his family; including a literal alien that seems like it can only speak in sarcasm.

“American Dad” has been on the air since 2005 and has since grown in popularity.

Showtime’s “Californication” returns Sept. 28 for it’s second season. David Duchovny stars as “Hank,” a novelist struggling to overcome writers block and re-connect with his ex while remaining sexually promiscuous. The question this season is if he can remove that alter ego to be able to hold on to his ex which he won back at the end of season one. Oddly enough, Duchovny recently entered rehab for sex addiction and is remaining quiet on the subject.

Also returning on Showtime is “Dexter” on Sept. 28. Micheal Hall plays “Dexter,” a forensic expert living a double life as a serial killer who murders wrongdoers who’ve escaped justice.

NBC’s “Chuck” returns Sept. 29, getting picked up for its second season. Perhaps a sign of its popularity, or its desperation for viewers, this season provides an array of guest stars including Nicole Richie, Jordana Brewster, Melinda Clark, and John Larrouquette.

ABC’s “Private Practice” returns for it’s second season Oct. 1. This “Grey’s Anatomy” spin-off featuring the character “Addison Montgomery.”

For “Star Wars” fans young and old, Cartoon Network will be premiering “The Clone Wars” Fridays this fall. A release date is yet to be made. This 3-D animated series is set between Episodes II and III of the saga. Fans of the recent animated movie “The Clone Wars,” should enjoy this series. It will follow the young Jedi Ashoka being mentored by Anakin Skywalker.

Not only are there returning shows coming up this month, but there are plenty of new shows premiering to capture our attention.

Many shows are holding off their premier until midseason. These include, NBC’s “Scrubs,” FOX’s “24,” Showtime’s “The L Word,” and FX’s “Nip/Tuck.” ABC’s “LOST” plans on returning Jan. 2009. FX’s “Rescue Me” will return in April, 2009.

There are also plenty new shows premiering early this fall.

CBS’s “The Ex List” premiers Oct.3. A woman revisits past relationships in attempts to try and find which one is her soul mate. Elizabeth Reader, Ava from Grey’s Anatomy, plays the lead role

NBC’s “Crusoe” premiers Oct. 7. In this adaptation of Daniel Defoe’s novel, Crusoe is stuck on a deserted island with a friend, and the series follow the characters on their daily adventures.

With so many new and recurring programs this fall, all are not listed in this article.

Melanie Peterson is a second-year student majoring in communication studies. She can be reached at MP649178@wcupa.edu.

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