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To the Editor:

As president of the local West Chester University chapter of APSCUF, the Faculty Union, I want to address the editorial in the April 2, 2007 issue of the QUAD. Writing in chalk on the sidewalk is not the only medium that the faculty will use to get our message across. We have had an open and continuing dialog with the Student Government Association. We’ve done flyers and will do them again. The chalk messages were one attempt to reach students and they appear to have been successful even if controversial. The chalk symbolizes one of the ways faculty members communicate with students. The writer of the editorial was aware of this. The point of the chalk messages was to raise student awareness. The message is important. The contracts for both faculty and coaches will expire on June 30, 2007 and negotiations have made little progress under the direction of the current Chancellor, Dr. Judy Hample. Whether you are a returning student or a student coming to West Chester University for the first time, you should be aware that at this moment there is no agreement in place for faculty to teach in the fall. APSCUF is committed to reaching a negotiated, fair contract before our current contract expires. APSCUF wants to make sure that all students are aware of what is happening—not just the ones that read the QUAD. It is your choice to get involved, but all of you are going to be affected by the next contract for WCU faculty. We look forward to working with the QUAD to spread the news.

Clifford Johnston

Prof. – Department of Mathmatics

APSCUF – WCU President

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