Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

From a romantic tango to a festive Carribean routine, the Univerisity Dance Company took dancing to a whole new level. Last Thursday night, the University Dance Company presented Power Surge, a dance concert that presented a wide variety of dance forms and musical selections, including jazz, modern and tap, at the Emilie Asplundh Concert Hall. This performance has marked the debut of the recently merged former Contemporary Dance Company and Dance Production Workshop, which is now called The University Dance Company.

The night began with a spicy tango routine reminiscent of ancient Argentina entitled Tango Apasinado, choreographed by Ashley Corado. Directly translated as “enthusiastic tango, the sexy footwork and smooth partnering ignited the exotic atmosphere. The stage smoke and dramatic jumping spotlights in between acts kept the audience at the edge of their seats.

A popular routine among the audience was the piece entitled “082905,” choreographed by John W. Graves III. The musical selection was “Dear Mr. President” by Pink, a song that addresses President Bush and some of his “wrong-doings” towards this country. This thought-provoking piece began with dancers in a state of misery, pain and hopelessness and led into a combination of modern and jazz. The mixture of dance and musical expression represented the current day feeling of despair towards worldly issues like war and terrorism.

The routine entiltled E.A.R.T.H., which stood for Evolution Arises Revealing True Humanity, choreographed by UDC director Gretchen Studlien-Webb, used images of nature and dance to create a unique unification of nature and the human body. As dancers held hands to form two circles that moved in opposite directions around a lifted dancer, the images of volcanos and rainforests and other earthy images filled the background.

The expressive routine entitled Immortal Memory, choreographed by Jillian Glace, was based on the idea that although people die physically, they can continue to live in the immortal memory as long as they continue to be loved. In the wake of the current tragedy, this idea and performance seemed to evoke many emotions.

From a tap performance to the song “Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles to a modern Hip Hop routine to Gwen Stefani “Wind It Up,” Power Surge had something for everyone to experience and enjoy. The University Dance Company spring concert is a way to give students, whether they are in the dance program or not, the freedom to explore their creativity by way of choreography and design. The concert also gives students the opportunity to experience the professional process of auditioning and rehearsals.

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