Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Victoria’s Secret “sexy list” is out. Several favorite stars appear on this list, that was released on Thursday evening. Jessica Alba got the top spot for sexiest actress, and in the sexiest actor slot was Eric Dane, who the public knows as Dr. Mark Sloan on Grey’s Anatomy. Justin Timberlake nabbed the sexiest male singer position, and the sexiest female position went to Carrie Underwood.This list was compiled by a team of Victoria’s Secret executives, supermodel spokeswomen and designers. The team included Heidi Klum and Karolina Kurkova.

Speed car racer, Danika Patrick, topped the list as sexiest female athlete, and her counterpart was New York Yankee, Derek Jeter as sexiest male athlete.

Matthew McConaughey was honored for his, “beach body,” and Cameron Diaz for her sexy legs. Sienna Miller herself was recognized for her trendsetting style, Josh Duhamel for his smile and Entourage’s Adrien Grenier for his eyes. Jennifer Hudson has the sexiest lips and Jay-Z and Beyonce are the sexiest couple.

The American Idol Sanjaya sensation finally came to an end last Wednesday night, with the contestant’s depature from the hit show. For weeks now Americans have suffered through his torturous takes songs that are loved by many.

In his final performance on stage he sang, “Let’s give them something to talk about, other than hair.” This was fitting for him seeing as one of his favorite things to do was to surprise the audience with a new hair style each week. One week he had sported a mohawk, the next week he curled it for Diana Ross and the week after that he strightened it. Unfortunate to say, many people have been viewing Sanjaya as a joke for the last couple of weeks, and according to Simon Cowell, “he finally got what was coming to him.”

On a sadder note, Barry Nelson, who was the first actor to play the lovable James Bond, has passed away. He was 89-years-old. Strangely enough, the actor died while he was traveling with his wife in Bucks County, Pa. The cause of death was not immediately known, his wife said last Friday. A former army veteran, Nelson also made appearances on Broadway and several other movies. Before Sean Connery was tapped to play Bond in the 1962 movie, “Dr. No,” Nelson played the double agent in a one-hour TV special of Casino Royale.

Brandy has been replaced on NBC’s, “America’s Got Talent,” by Sharon Osbourne. The 54-year-old wife and manager of Ozzy Osbourne will make her first appearance on May 29, when the show returns for the second season. Brandy was involved in a Los Angeles freeway crash that killed a 38 year-old woman. The woman’s family has filed two wrongful death lawsuits against the actress/singer.

Jennifer Lopez and her husband, Marc Anthony, are suing the National Enquirer, because the tabloid claimed the couple was involved in a drug scandal. Paul Tweed, who is fighting on the pair’s behalf, said that they are looking for a six-figure settelment. The lawsuit is also seeking an apology and retraction for an article that appeared in different versions of the Enquirer’s U.S. and international editions.

Last but not least, the biggest surprise of them all; “Grey’s Anatomy,” has the sexiest cast.

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