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West Chester University first-year, student Jon Mustafa, 18, died onEaster Sunday, April 8, 2007. He suffered head and neck injuries as a result of a car accident on Route 18 in East Brunswick, New Jersey.
Mustafa, the driver of the vehicle, carried his longtime girlfriend Lesley Carness,16, as a passenger in the car. It was then that they were deliberately cut off by an unidentified black S.U.V., whose driver clearly had a severe case of road rage according to witnesses. Mustafa’s vehicle swerved off of the side of the road, collided with a tree and flipped over. Both Mustafa and Carness were killed as a result of the accident, and the driver of the S.U.V. has yet to be found.

Mustafa, a 2006 graduate of East Brunswick High School, attended West Chester University as an accounting major. He could easily be found on the eighth floor of Sanderson Hall brightening the days of those around him. His time at WCU was unfortunately cut short to a mere semester and a half, but a semester and a half to be remembered by the friends and classmates who’s lives he touched.

All that those who were close to Mustafa can do now is remember the fun-loving, generous person he was.

“I got angry that somebody could have that much road rage that they were going to kill somebody,” roommate Justin Walker said. “Unconditionally passionate, dedicated, always smiling, could always make you laugh,” are just a few ways close friend and skateboarding buddy Jake Young describes Mustafa.

Various groups on have been created to commemmorate Mustafa and Carness as a couple.

One group planned a memorial inviting friends and classmates to gather.

“He was an enormous asset to what we call our family,” friend Emily Miller said. “No one will ever be able to make us all smile like Jon could.

It’s impossible to believe that he’s really gone, but we’ll never stop missing and remembering him.

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