Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

West Chester University recently bought the property across from Main Hall, including the popular bar, The Rat. After long deliberation, WCU has decided to re-open the bar as “The Ram’s Horn” to be known as “The Ram” for short. The university owned bar is hoped to be open by graduation in May 2006.The Ram will be open to college students seven nights a week, featuring new drink specials including the Ram’s Horn, a beer bong-esque drink that will be served in the shape of a ram’s horn. WCU students will be able to purchase drinks using their meal plan, flex dollars and RamBucks.

Brad Smith, Director of WCU School Spirit, proclaimed, “The Ram will be the perfect way to promote school spirit with the students that enjoy drinking every night of the week. Our campus bar will host pre-game drinking contests before each home sporting event that all WCU students over the age of twenty-one will be invited to attend, it will help increase the attendance at sporting events!”

WCU students will also be encouraged to attend other events at The Ram such as a WCU student bikini contest, student poker night and student lingerie contest. The winners of the contests will be awarded 100 bonus points in the class

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