Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Dear Editor, My roommate, mutual friends and I were celebrating her birthday on Wednesday Feb. 22, so we were all pretty tired as the festivities were winding down. When all of the sudden the fire alarm sounded! A drill at MIDNIGHT on a Wednesday! So we were herded like cattle in our pajamas into the freezing cold night. We huddled in groups outside Goshen Hall our breaths visible in the frigid night air. We stand outside for over 20 minutes with some fellow students in shorts and sandals. Then this past Monday on the 27th – five days later – around 3 p.m.; BANG! Another FIRE DRILL. I hadn’t even gotten warm since my last outing. Down five flights of stairs to bounce up and down in the winter air. No wonder my whole floor is constantly coughing and sniffling. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for safety, but how far is too far? You go to bed early for a big test the next day and your rudely awoken by a loud siren? We know it’s all for our own good, right?

Kendra Gruber, WCU Student

Dear Editor,
As the director of WCU’s Women’s Center, I deal with many different activities and projects. No focus of the center’s activities is more important than working to end violence against women on our campus and in the world beyond. Working on these issues gets wearying at times. Seeing the work of Man-Up on Feb. 14 for White Ribbon Day and reading the thoughtful reporting about it in The Quad provides all of us who work in the center with a real energy boost.
To quote from Jessi Hirsch’s article, “Since it is only a small number of the male population that uses violence against women, it is up to the majority of the men to influence others and make a difference,” this is a very important idea for all to take in. This is not a battle of the sexes or a war between Mars and Venus. This is a very serious social problem that all people of good heart and conscience need to work together to solve. I would be pleased to assist any student here at WCU or staff or faculty member who wanted direction on how best to devote their time and energy in this cause. Many opportunities exist on and off campus. E-mail to me with “How can I help” in the subject line, and I will do my best to respond quickly and helpfully.

Robin Garrett,
Women’s Center Director

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