Thu. May 30th, 2024

Dr. Frank Fish, Professor of Biology, has been named West Chester University’s Distinguished Faculty Researcher for the Academic year 2005-2006, an award designed to recognize an outstanding faculty member who has made a significant contribution to the University through research and scholarship. Dr. Fish has been at WCU for 25 years and is well known in his field for articles and presentations. He has also been highlighted in various publications, including The Philadelphia Inquirer and Discover Magazine. Dr. Fish has a passion for his work and is especially interested in the dynamics of swimming in marine mammals. In the future, he would like to continue the examination of the evolution of aquatic mammals, investigate how humpback whales utilize their flippers and explore some smaller projects that others have shied away from. With many co-authors from other universities, he has made quite a name for himself, yet he credits some of his work to the help undergraduate students at the university, to whom he greatly enjoys working with.

Dr. Fish is truly an asset to the WCU community.

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