Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Fans rocked out to the sounds of The Click Five on Thursday, March 2. Opening for the band, was another group of five guys from Los Angeles, California: Big City Rock. They got the crowd up out of their seats with the sound of their music. Their performance was a little unusual with their dancing, but it was entertaining all the same. When the members of The Click Five started to appear on stage, audience members rushed their way up to the stage for a better look. Throughout the performance, everyone screamed and sang along to the band’s hit songs. There were a few moments of pushing and shoving in the audience, but everyone was caught up in the rock star mentality and the unease soon passed. By far, the most popular – and the loudest – song was “Just the Girl,” which was heard on the radio for the last several months. They also performed “I Think We’re Alone Now” which was a hit for famous pop star, Tiffany. The Click Five also got into the performance and threw things such as their guitar picks and drumsticks out into the crowd. The keyboarder got so into the song, he smacked one of his keyboards onto the stage, breaking it into a few pieces. When the band was on their last song, they introduced themselves to the audience, sang one last verse and then left the stage. After a few tense moments of screaming continuously, the band reappeared for their encore. They sang another of their most popular songs, “Catch Your Wave,” and afterward The Click Five was officially done for the night.

After the show there was an autograph session, so fans could wait in line to get the band to sign any memorabilia they may have purchased. Each band member was sure to look up at the person he was signing the item for and the drummer was even asking to personalize the autograph! The crowd was not allowed to pose for pictures with the members, due to time restraint, but they could still get pictures of them. Big City Rock was also available for autographs, pictures and even conversation.

Overall, the night was an enjoyable experience for people of all ages. Long live The Click Five.

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