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The Click Five, who were originally named “The Click,” decided to change the name of the band when they found out what a common name it was. “Well, we were ‘The Click’ because we wanted something simple. And there are a hundred bands with the name ‘The Click’ in it, so we could be ‘The Click,’ but it is a stronger trademark to have a more unique name.” Dill said. Their unique name has been a hit with their fans, which usually consists of many young girls that appreciate the band members’ boyish looks and the pop lyrics of their first album. “Well a lot of young girls come to the shows,” Dill said. “My voice, when I sing, comes out pretty high and I think we appeal to them. I think it has to do with our look and our songs, which are kind of easy and simple,” Dill said with a grin.

“But at the same time, as far as the appeal goes, I really think it could be anybody; adults, and younger people, guys and girls. We were in Texas and there were just tons of guys. We were like ‘what is going on?’ It was just weird. It was a bunch of guys, and they were just really into it. It was cool though. Not that I would ever say that we would not want young girls to come to our show. We just want a variety of people.”

The band will be on tour for a few more weeks in the United States, playing everywhere from malls to colleges to Universal Studios. The Click Five wants to get their name out and connect with the fans.

“It is usually not as much the venue as it is the crowd. With smaller venues, if all the people are going crazy, then it’s going to feel like the whole place is going crazy like it would in a big arena. It definitely depends on the crowd.”

Traveling can take a toll on the band members, playing one night after another in different cities.

“I don’t really go out after concerts, the guys do,” Dill said. “I like to stay in the back lounge and play games, read and write music and stuff,” he said, pointing out his laptop and T-Mobile Sidekick. “I like to have solo time, it’s just the way that I am. On one hand I like to be very secluded, on the other hand I love to be on the center of the stage.”

While touring, the band has opportunities to meet other music stars and celebrities. “You eventually get over the whole star power thing with the more people you meet,” Dill said. “It doesn’t mean that you don’t think that they are cool if they are really cool people, there’s just this star quality power that they have, cool or not cool, there is just an initial ‘woah, this person is famous.’ And that star quality will remain for some people and fade for others.”

One star that The Click Five has had a few encounters with is Paul Stanley from KISS. “I remember that Paul Stanley from KISS came out to see one of our shows. He was talking to me about the performance the next day about it and about the projectors in the arena. He told me, ‘you look great out there, but you have to connect with the crowd. You have to work the first couple rows and then just filter it back.'” Dill had another encounter with the KISS star about a year later, and Stanley told Dill’s father what a star his son was.”It had to be pretty cool for my dad. That was just a marker in my career. It was just really cool.”

Another aspect of touring that is “really cool” according to Dill, is meeting fans after concerts. The Click Five takes time to sign autographs and pose for pictures with fans. Often bombarded with females, Dill recounted a time that the meet and greet got a little out of control.

“We had set up a table, and the whole area was against the wall. The fans were smashing us against the wall and we were just swarmed. It was just the craziest thing. It was before our single ever was launched or on the radio, it was just crazy,” Dill exclaimed.

The hot up-and-coming band will be recording their new album this summer. Check out their official Web site at for tour dates, biographies and multimedia.

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