Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Believe it or not, the semester is more than halfway over already. It is a busy time for everyone juggling the last assignments, exams, and projects. But we still have a few breaks built in so that we don’t lose our minds completely. The English club has been hard at work planning their yearly literary magazine, Literati, as an opportunity for students to publish the hard work that they have put into this semester.
Literati is a literary magazine that features student poetry, prose, short stories, creative non-fiction and fiction, and artwork. The English club is collecting submissions up until Nov. 26 and then will begin editing, formatting, and publishing the magazine to sell in the spring semester to the student body. The English club encourages students to take advantage of the publishing opportunity-especially those involved in creative writing or art classes. It is a great opportunity to gain credit from classroom work and to add to one’s resume.
Students can submit as many pieces as they like to the editor at Literati.wcu@gmail.com, as well as any questions they may have.
The English club exists to support students desire to share their creativity with the campus. Literati is one way that the club services the students with a medium to share their work.
The English club also hosts Open Mic Nights, field trips, and book discussions. The last Open Mic Night of the semester will be held Monday Nov. 12 in Sykes common ground at 9 p.m. where students can play music, sing, read poetry or short stories, and act out comedy sketches. The club plans to visit the Lincoln tea room in town on Nov. 23 for lunch. And the last book of the semester the club is holding a book discussion for is on “1984.”
Students who would like to get involved with the English club can sign up for emails, or ask any questions they have on the club, with the President at LW738484@wcupa.edu or join the club at their meetings on Mondays at 7:30 p.m. in Sykes 254.
All submissions to Literati should be sent to the editor at Literati.wcu@gmail.com.
Colleen Cummings is a third-year student majoring in English with minors in graphic design and journalism. She can be reached at CC763510@wcupa.edu. 

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