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A new Starbucks will be opening at the Francis Harvey Green Library, located in the academic quad area of West Chester University’s north campus. For now, students enjoy good reading while sipping a cappuccino, latte, espresso – whatever their taste – at Java City, in a little nook at the library. This is just one of many locations on the WCU campus that students can find some fresh-brewed Java City coffee. Java City also serves up some baked goods to the WCU community at the Francis Harvey Green Library location.According to Richard Swain, the director of Library Services, the facilities for Starbucks could be ready for the spring 2008 semester. The construction had some unforeseen obstacles. One obstacle to take care of, according to Swain, was the plumbing work.

“One part of the library had no basement,” Swain said. “So construction workers had to dig a trench underneath that section for the plumbing.”

In the lower part of the library, some flooring has been torn up, showing where and how far down the trench was dug. A cement strip can be seen jutting out past a boarded-up section and ending about a foot into an aisle between two bookshelves. Nearby, lighting and ventilation work is also visible.

Swain said that the construction, despite any obstacles, is coming along well.

“There are good people working on it,” Swain said. “The construction workers have been from a series of different companies.”

When completed, Java City employees at the library will work at the Starbucks and will be trained by the company, Swain said.

West Chester University, according to Swain, has a contract with Aramark, which both Starbucks and Java City are under.

“Aramark is putting up the money for the Starbucks,” Swain said. “The contract says that the services have to come through Aramark.”

There will be two weeks of Starbucks training, according to Maryann Brown, the Java City supervisor.

“During the first week, it will be products training,” Brown said. “In the second week, the training is on physically making the products.”

“The Starbucks will hold 50 people,” Swain said. “It will have wi-fi access as well.”

According to Swain, students will be able to study there even after the service area of the Starbucks closes for the night.

According to Swain, the layout for the Starbucks will include group study areas, a patio outside, wheel chair accessibility and two fire exits.

“The Starbucks will have its own heating, air conditioning and bathroom facilities,” Swain said.

When it comes to what the students think about the up and coming Starbucks, there were some varying opinions on the plans.

“Starbucks is overpriced,” first-year student Josh Dero said. “It’s good [Java City], it’s not corporate.”

Third-year student Nicole Kennedy said that the building of Starbucks will be a good idea.

“A lot of students go to Starbucks and it will be convenient on campus,” Kennedy said. “I like Java City, but I like Starbucks better because I’m more used to it.”

The library, according to Swain, will get some benefit from the Starbucks as an additional coffee shop on the WCU campus.

“What the library gets out of it is a better study area and a larger coffee shop,” Swain said.

Carol Dwyer is third-year student majoring in history with a minor in journalism. She can be reached at

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