Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

The typical disbelief that summer has come to an abrupt halt has probably hit everybody by now. If it hasn’t, and you are still living as if it is summer, The Quad-regretfully-has the following reminder for you:

It is no longer summer. Wake up and go to class.

There is a lot to look forward to this semester and this academic year. There is a lot going on. There is a lot to write about, and because this is a student newspaper, we want you to write it.

2007 marks the 75th year that a student-run newspaper has existed on this campus, but this fall semester is the 75th anniversary of that existence. It was on October 21, 1932 that Alvin B. Sweet, as Editor-in-Chief, printed four question marks on the top of a four page introductory issue and solicited the students of the West Chester State Teachers College for potential names. The second issue, printed on November 4, 1932, was named Quad Angles, and lead with the front-page headline, “PRESIDENT GIVES ANNUAL RECEPTION.”

This semester, we will honor our predecessor by publishing original layout from 1932. We will also celebrate 75 years, by awarding 12 $75 gift cards to readers of The Quad. Seventy-five dollars will be awarded to one student selected at random each week seen by an editor carrying The Quad. We have gift cards for Best Buy, Amazon.com, Iron Hill Brewery and more; so remember to pick up your copy each week and know what’s on the front page, because you can’t win without proof that you have at least read the first page.

Last semester, our editorials tackled issues ranging from campus security following the Virginia Tech tragedy to our sole foodservice provider, Aramark to sidewalk drawings scribed by our own faculty members around campus. This semester, and for many more to come, we look to represent you in our editorials. This is the student newspaper and the editorial should represent as many students as possible. We hope to represent your sentiments, but if we don’t, let us know – it’s the only way we will ever change.

Opposite this editorial are the opinion pages of the Op-ed section. These pages exist for one-and only one-purpose: for you to make a difference. Making a difference can mean anything, and we encourage you to share your thoughts with us on anything you wish. We do not edit op-ed submissions for content, just for spelling, grammar and punctuation. Furthermore, no member of WCU’s administration or faculty will edit your submissions. Our paper is completely uncensored and the only people responsible for what is printed are the editors, all of whom are undergraduate students. So please, share with us your thoughts, feelings and opinions on anything – we would be glad to print them. Letters to the editor may be submitted via e-mail (send to QuadOpEd@wcupa.edu), via AIM (IM QuadOpEd), or via our Web site (visit www.wcuquad.com). Please refer to the masthead to the left of this box for further information regarding op-ed submissions.

This student newspaper is yours – we just run it for you. We work our asses off 12 weeks a semester to bring it to you. It would not exist without our staff of writers and photographers and the submissions that they produce. We are constantly looking to improve. And the only way to improve is to increase involvement. Come work with us. Write an article. Take a picture. Become an editor. Better this organization and this paper. The framework is set and the foundation is laid. All that is required of you is interest and a little bit of commitment.

These words will appear 5,000 times in print and an infinite number of times online. Your words matter and people will listen if you speak out. We encourage all students-new and veteran-to speak out and be heard.

Welcome back, welcome home, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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