Wed. May 29th, 2024

Recent polls on campus released information that WCU employees were surprised to hear. Randomly selected students found in Sykes Student Union were surveyed last week about daily occurrences on campus.

The study found that four out of five students will have a hold on their WCU account, other than an advisors hold and other normal holds. Most students noted, that their holds were due to finical aid and/or tuition payments. Holds could also include failing to pay a parking ticket given by parking enforcement.

Parking was also a question students were asked. 90 percent of the students responded that they received a parking ticket. The break down released that 20 percent of students said their parents got a ticket while parked on campus for not having a parking permit.

An additional 40 percent of students that received a ticket are commuters; some write down that they could not find an open parking spot in the commuter parking lot. The remaining 30 percent of students to be issued a ticket are students living on campus (or nearby), that have their car on campus.

One student, from the 10 percent of students that did not receive a ticket, wrote “knock on wood” next to the survey question.

40 percent of students admitted that they had over slept a class, missing at least half of the class time. One student asked if oversleeping for a final counted; it did not count as it was a one time occurrence that the student over slept.

Taken to the “home away from home” aspect, only the students who live on campus had their answers counted when asked how many times they have locked themselves out during their first through current year in college. It came to average that each student had locked themselves out once during the school year. Many students had never locked themselves out of their own room. There was one student that had locked himself out four times so far this academic year, he is currently a third year student.

WCU officials “are so proud” to hear that eight out of 10 students added a minor to their academic career. They were given the “not mad, but disappointed” speech when hearing that about seven out of 10 students change their majors. It resulted that 25 percent of students that are claimed undeclared, had more solid career goals and plans over the 20 percent of students who claimed a major.

Faculty members did not comment or have any type of reaction when they found out that only 26 percent of students will graduate on time. Of the 26 percent, all but two percent was made up of transfer students that transferred credits from a Community College or other University.

WCU employees were pleased to hear that just over 80 percent of students are involved in an organization or club on campus. Just over 50 percent of students are involved in two or more activities. These students were asked if they hold a job to help pay the bills, 87 percent of students said they have a job, and just over 40 percent said they hold at least two jobs.

WCU will continue to perform surveys to see what effects student’s lives the most and to see if any adjustments should be made on campus to benefit the students.

Ginger Rae Dunbar is has never conducted a survey before. If you have any suggestions on what questions should be asked to students, slip your questions under the door to the Quad’s office.

* April Fools!

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